My Practice

My work is client-centered, strengths-based and solutions-focused.  To get un-stuck we got to get MOVING!  With my training in mindfulness, DBT, and motivational interviewing, my clients can be certain that I am operating from an evidence-based foundation to help them build a life they can be proud of and absolutely fall in love with!   I earned a certificate in International Social Work and therefore, work within a culturally-competent framework. The content of my sessions center around the mind-body-earth connection, nutrition, self-care and spirituality.  As the basics fall into place, this work elevates to a soul level.  It is an honor to meet my clients in this space and help them SOAR.


(in-person in Durango, CO or nationwide via Zoom)

I offer strengths-based support for people addicted to drugs, alcohol, codependency, or struggling with other process addictions (food, spending, sex, gaming, etc) Whether you have an active addiction or are already in recovery, I will aid you on a path to complete sobriety or at least to reduce the harm your addictive behaviors is causing. Together we will find the resources you need to live your best life. Long-lasting positive change doesn’t come easy when you do it alone.  In-person (for Durango residents) and telehealth coaching sessions (nationwide), along with daily check-in’s to help you develop your own practice that will eventually become a lifestyle you won’t want to turn away from.


(for Utah residents only)

One-on-one therapy is a powerful tool to move you out of your old story and into the new.  Recognizing old patterns from unhealthy family relationships or toxic love relationships is the first step to narrating a new story for yourself. In therapy we will process emotional pain, solve current problems, and I will hold you accountable for the positive changes you will make for your future.


Addiction is an isolating experience. Coming together in a a group reminds you that you are not alone. The stories shared by others can instruct and inspire. Having other people who care witness your commitment to change is another powerful element of the group experience.  The Zoom platform allows you to be a part of a group, no matter where you live, from the privacy and comfort of your own home.


It may be my Leo nature or perhaps the time I’ve spent performing in theater and music, but I am one of those odd birds that actually loves to be on stage.  I have held mindfulness workshops at sustainability festivals, led community dialogues on the importance of ritual and self-care, and have participated in women’s retreats, facilitating writing for self-exploration.  My sense of humor and relevant content material make lectures with me both fun and inspiring.  I bring my authentic self to each speaking engagement and therefore connect quickly and beautifully with my audience.  Engagements that require travel necessitate extra planning and reimbursement for airfare and lodging.