Recovery Coaching


This Recovery Coaching program is designed to be both personalized AND affordable.

The Tune-Up
Silver Program

High Intensity * Short Duration

The Tune-Up is a 30-day coaching program perfect for the individual who has recently relapsed after an extended period of sobriety.  This is the perfect program for the highly-motivated client looking for simple tools and support to get them back up, feeling strong and secure, walking their sober path once again.

This program is:

  • highly intensive
  • community-oriented
  • strengths-based

The Aftercare Experience
Gold Program

Medium Intensity & Duration

The success or failure after graduating from a rehab center or IOP hinges on a solid aftercare support system.  Anyone who was willing to spend the time and money to attend drug & alcohol rehabilitation certainly ought to continue to invest in their sobriety in order to ensure long-term success once they’re back home.  Recovery coaching will offer the structure necessary to integrate back into your life feeling calm and powerful in your sobriety.

This program is:

  • experiential
  • practice-oriented
  • strengths-based

The Change-Your-Life Coaching Package
Platinum Program

High Intensity * Long Duration

This is my most popular program, as most people reach out when they are IN their addiction and needing help both to get clean and stay clean.  This is a longer program (12-24 weeks depending on severity of dependence or abuse). I use evidence-based methods, and the research shows that this process takes time in order to be effective and optimally successful.  You deserve nothing less!  Commitment to this platinum program is an invitation to your best life, true freedom and improved overall health and wellness.  It’s up to you to take the first step, but know I will be with you every step of the way.

This program is:

  • holistic & connecting
  • inward-focused
  • rewarding

Each client will be re-assessed every 30 days in order to determine which level of care is most appropriate.