The discontent, pain and frustration that has nudged you towards seeking help is affirmation that you are ready to feel more JOY, to feel more ALIVE. Taking the first step can be a little scary- it’s okay! I will meet you with kindness in this vulnerable place. This is the birthplace of growth and change. Assisting others as they unfold, lighten up and grow into their potential is my favorite part of this work! We will explore the addictions or mental blocks that have got you feeling stuck and with COMPASSION you will finally experience RELEASE. We will build rapport quickly and with ease and, remarkably, it’s this relationship that’s the main motivation for positive change. Can you imagine living life in a healthy, wholehearted way? Can you imagine waking up excited for a new day to begin? Can you imagine treating yourself with respect and love? This is where our work begins… with whatever you can imagine is possible for you.

“I call people rich when they’re able to meet the requirements of their imagination. – Henry James, A Portrait of a Lady”